Anhui Xin Home Ltd.

 Anhui and xin household products co., LTD. Is located in 'spring district road no. 57, for municipal party committee organization department and the district party committee organization department mutual investment, small springs area focus on industrial projects, was established in 2011, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, covers an area of 31000 square meters, a building area of 12000 square meters, mainly produces non-woven series of products, from imported plastic particles - non-woven fabric color printing -- -- - film - cutting - manufactured goods, from raw material to finished product one-stop production, saves the intermediate links, and geographical location and labor advantages, so that the product competitiveness is higher than many.
Product range covers: all kinds of non-woven fabrics, all kinds of gift bags, shopping bags, home storage box, medical bed sheets, protective clothing, bags and other kinds of non-woven household products ?
Non-woven products across the country are mainly distributed in guangdong, fujian, zhejiang and other coastal cities, the current domestic top non-woven enterprises "guangdong HuaHao" can realize the annual output of 100000 tons, ranking second only 50000 tons of production capacity, other companies only 2000-20000 tons. And 90% of the enterprise did not achieve one-stop production line capacity, less on product competitiveness. And the household and xin is determined from the project put into production of "central do first" goal, with an annual output of 20000 tons of non-woven fabric, and achieve the goal of one-stop production lines. Now realize the goal of one-stop production lines, production capacity is also in accordance with the plans to issue annual output of 6000 tons. According to the current market price 13000 yuan/ton, pure non-woven a namely
Future state of further strengthening of environmental protection, because of degradation, plastic bags will exit the market within three years, at the same time food bag will also be non-woven bags to replace "nylon snakeskin bag". And central regions of the country's breadbasket, non-woven demand would appear blowout phenomenon, calculated according to the "billions granary" in fuyang, preliminary estimate henan, anhui, northeast mountain areas of central grain output will reach 200 billion tons, calculated according to 10 kg/bag, that's a bag of grain demand is astronomical.
"Rooted in fuyang, anhui, radiation throughout the country, towards the world" is the management policy and xin company, and we will continue to innovative enterprise development ideas, constantly improve the level of enterprise production competition, strive for in 2017

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